Sun. Aug 25th, 2019

US-Mexico Talks: Trump Says More Progress Needed to Avoid Tariffs

US-Mexico Talks: Trump Says More Progress Needed to Avoid Tariffs

US President Donald Trump has said “not nearly enough” improvement is being made in negotiations with Mexico to avert his threatened tariffs.

Trump administration officials will meet for a second day of talks with Mexico’s foreign minister in Washington on Thursday.

Mr. Trump promised import duties of 5% will take effect on Monday unless Mexico stems the flow of migrants to the US.

Those numbers reached their maximum level in more than a decade last month.

What happened in the negotiations?

The Vice-President of US, Mike Pence and Secretary of state Mike Pompeo planned a meeting with Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard at the White House on Wednesday, but the 90-minutes meeting was finished without agreement.

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Mr. Ebrard told in a news conference afterwards the negotiations had been cordial, but tariffs were not even discussed.

“The dialogue was dedicated on migration flows and what Mexico is doing and is proposing to the United States, our concern about the Central American situation,” Mr. Ebrard said.

The US president, who is in Europe for World War two commemorations, advised on Twitter that the tariffs would go ahead next Monday if there is no breakthrough.


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