Triple Child Killer David Mcgreavy Released

Triple Child Killer David Mcgreavy Released

A woman whose three children were killed by the same man has been informed their murderer has been free from jail.

David McGreavy murdered Elsie Urry’s children, Paul Ralph- 4, Dawn-2, and 9 month-old Samantha, at their Worcester home in 1973.

Ms. Urry said she was informed of his discharge by Victim Support on Tuesday.

The Parole Board and the Ministry of Justice have been approached for comment.

Ms. Urry said: “They said he was going in for life and then they changed it for [a minimum of] 20 years, but he hasn’t done 60 years. He take three lives, not just one or two and three.”

David McGreavy strangled Paul at the home in Gillam Street, Rainbow Hill, while Dawn was found with her throat cut. Samantha died from a composite fracture to the skull and the bodies of all three children’s were left on railings.

The possibility of McGreavy’s issue has been discussed for at least 10 years and a previous appeal was denied in 2016..

But in December it was exposed a Parole Board report said McGreavy had “changed considerably” over 45 years in jail.

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Ms. Urry had been able to have input on the situations that McGreavy would be subject to upon free, and said the exclusion zones imposed on him had been extended slightly after discussions with her.

Speaking to BBC Hereford and Worcester, she said: “It provides me a bit of peace of mind but it is still not fair he has been free after what he has done.

“There’s other criminals that haven’t done half as bad as what he did to my children and they haven’t been put up for parole, so what has made him be able to get parole?”


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