Sun. Aug 25th, 2019

Sephora to Shut US Stores For Diversity Training

Sephora to Shut US Stores For Diversity Training

Beauty chain Sephora will lock its US stores on Wednesday for diversity training, a month after a racial incident involving singer SZA.

The R&B artist said sephora have racially profiled while shopping at a Sephora store in California.

The firm told Reuters it was alert of the incident but said the training was not “a response to any one event”.

Last year Starbucks supposed inclusion training amid racial profiling allegations.

In a tweet on 1 May, SZA said while shopping at a Sephora store in outside of Los Angeles, an employee she identified as “Sandy” had “called security to make sure I wasn’t stealing”.

Last year US website Refinery29 reported the singer has previously worked at Sephora.

SZA selected for numerous Grammy awards, and Kendrick Lamar on the track “All the Stars” which featured on the soundtrack of the film Black Panther.

Sephora do not right away respond to BBC requests for comment about the training.

Emily Shapiro, a spokes person for Sephora, tell Reuters the store closures be not “a response to any one event,” saying that planning for the “inclusivity workshops” have been in progress for months.

Last year Starbucks close all 8,000 company-owned branches in the US for an afternoon to carry out “Racial Bias” training.

Starbucks US Stores Hold Race Training

The move came after the firm had to apologies over the arrest of two black men who were waiting to meet someone in a Starbucks in Philadelphia in May 2018.

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