Seoul Boram a Six Year Old Girl Boram Earned Rs 55 Crores

Korea /6-year-old girl gets Rs 55 crore from YouTube Earn, a 5-story building purchased for the family

      Seoul Boram, a six-year-old girl from South Korea, has earned Rs 55 crores from two of his YouTube channels. With this, he bought a five-story building in the capital Seoul. Built-in the main market area of ​​the city in 1975, this building is built in the area of ​​258 square meters. It is used by Boram’s family company.

       Boram’s Channels have more than 30 million subscribers. The first toy review channel is. It has 1.36 million subscribers. The second channel is from the video blog. It has 1.76 million subscribers. In this, Borum uploads videos of his family’s daily life. Boram’s YouTube channel is most liked in South Korea. Together they have become the country’s highest-paid YouTube channel. One user wrote- “I can not earn as much as I can from YouTube in the whole year.”

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