Man Who Wounded Brazil’s Leader Acquitted

Man Who Wounded Brazil’s Leader Acquitted

A man who wounded Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at a campaign rally last September has been acquitted, after a judge lined he was mentally ill.

Adélio Bispo de Oliveira cannot be tried under Brazilian law because he was not fully alert of his actions at the time, the federal judge decided.

But he said Mr. de Oliveira was taking a “high risk” and jailed him for an indefinite period so he can take treatment.

Mr. Bolsonaro said he would effort to get the decision reversed.

“I will contact my lawyer. I will attempt to do whatever is possible,” he told in local media on Friday.

The president, who compulsory surgery after the incident, recommended the attack was electorally motivated and he was masterminded by people other than Mr. de Oliveira.

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“They tried to murder me. I am sure who they were, but I can’t approximately, I don’t want to prejudge anyone,” he said.

“This is an offense against a presidential candidate who now has the mandate and we must go to the final consequences of that situation.”

The release comes several weeks after a judge ruled that Mr. de Oliveira should be referred to a mental health institution.

What happened to the president?

Mr. Bolsonaro, 64 years old, hurt a deep and life-threatening wound to his intestines and lost 40% of his blood when he was wounded in the stomach at a rally in Minas Gerais last September.

The far-right politician was positioned in concentrated care, fed intravenously and had to have a colostomy bag fitted. The bag – a small pouch used to collect waste from the body when the digestive system is no longer functioning as a result of an illness or injury – was removed in January.

Mr. Bolsonaro, who taken an office as the country’s new president on 1 January this year, is a disruptive politician whom some analysts have compared to US President Donald Trump.

Instantly after the violence in September, he was clutched by groups of Mr. Bolsonaro, manhandled and beaten before being taken into police custody.

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