Sat. Aug 24th, 2019

European Parliament elections: The British exit effect

European Parliament elections: The British exit effect

Reminisce that domino impact British exit was expected to trigger back in 2016?

France exit (France leaving the EU), Italy exit (Italy walking out the door), Next (the Netherlands following suit) and so on?

Quickly a minimum three years and there are, its European Parliament elections time although Eurosceptic parties try a solid showing at the polls, there’s barely a peep among-st them about leave-taking the EU.

In part, this is down to a developing awareness that the world out there is downright irregular: with President Trump in the White House; Russian President Putin at big around the European corner, looming trade wars, mistake in the environment , and the threat of mass migration to this continent from poorer parts of the globe.

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Why the European vote is a moment of truth for nationalists.

The conclusion among-st several in Europe is that it’s safer to stick together. According to estimation polls, the EU is now more common than it has been since the early 1980s.

After the vote, they expect to develop the third biggest faction in the European Parliament. And they have the EU establishment rattled.

EU Economics Commissioner Pierre Moscovici defines these elections as the ” most delicate and most unsafe ever”.

Still, let’s remember that, when the European Parliament shows a main role, the actual power to improve the European Union lies with national leaders: the prime ministers and presidents of the EU’s 28 (27) member states.

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