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Christchurch Attack

Christchurch Attack The main suspicious in the Christchurch attacks in March has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Brenton Tarrant is charged with the killing case of

Kenya MP Arrested

Kenya MP Arrested A Kenyan MP has been under arrest for supposedly slapping with a female colleague because she did not allot money to his constituency. Rashid

Ghost Patients to Be Examined

Ghost Patients to Be Examined The NHS scam team is examining GPs in England amid doubts they are claiming for non-existent patients. Doctors get £150 a year

Uber Takes His Flying Taxi

 Uber Takes His Flying Taxi Uber said that Australia will convert the first international market for his flying taxi facility Uber Air. The firm has designated Melbourne

Trump ‘Concerned’

Trump ‘Concerned’ Donald Trump has informed he is a “little concerned” that a merger between two of the US’s major protection giants could reduce competition. United Technologies

Hungary Tourist Boat Accident

Hungary Tourist Boat Accident At least two bodies have been improved from the crash of a tourist boat that sank on the Danube in the Hungarian capital,